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Arne Jacobsens House I | 1929

Arne Jacobsen’s private house

Arne Jacobsens HouseA very early work by the one person who more than anyone else incarnates Danish, modern architecture AND design: Arne Jacobsen.

Born in 1902 he was still a young man when he finished this modern style home for his own family in 1929.

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Copenhagen Architecture – an overview

Copenhagen Architecture

Copenhagen is world famous for its architecture! We have an exceptional reputation that first and foremost has its roots in the ‘classic’ modern era between 1930 and 1970. Not least 1950s Danish furniture design is still today celebrated world wide for its aesthetics and craftsmanship.

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The Copenhagen street lamp

The Copenhagen street lamp reloaded

I suppose it’s more or less mandatory for someone like me, promoting Copenhagen every day, to surround yourself with things of local history or other relevance, the Copenhagen street lamp is a notable example.

It was only a question of time before I would get myself a few of the Copenhagen street lamps, a classic design of the 1970s that is replaced these years with new lamps. The old ones are taken down and sold on an online auction at, initially estimated to DKK 1500,- for one.

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