Gemini Residence at Islands Brygge

Gemini Residence by MVRDV

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Gemini Residence

Gemini Residence by MVRDV Gemini Residence by MVRDV Gemini Residence at Islands Brygge is a conversion of silos from a former industrial factory. The two cylindrical concrete silos are in a clever manner rebuild by hanging apartments on the outside of the structure. The inner space is left as the most spectacular staircase in Copenhagen, with an inflated transparent membrane.

History as background

Gemini Residence by MVRDVThe project is a fine example of how history can contribute to the urban quality. The existing silos as a starting point has led to a shape that the architects hardly would’ve reached from a blank piece of paper. Only few of the new buildings in Copenhagen appear authentic and with a strong character as this one, thereby contributing to the identity of the entire neighborhood.

Dutch MVRDV designed the building that was realized in 2005 in cooperation with local JJW Architects.

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