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Asser Munch

Copenhagen offer a unique fabric of architecture and the most livable urban space in the world. I share that on my guided tours on architecture, most often by bike. This blog is intended as an appetizer on the city with blog posts, photos and comments.

I offer guided architecture tours in my company beCopenhagen. I also organise private and customised tours for small or bigger groups, business groups and more.

Asser MunchMy name is Asser Munch, I’m an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen. On this blog, I’m the writer, photographer, and webmaster.

I have a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, later working on smaller, very diverse projects.

The underlying relations in architecture has my special interest since start of my education.

As a teacher my ambition was to communicate an architectural knowledge and views in a straightforward and clear language to my students.

Now I pursue this ambition in my way of ‘connecting the dots’ through Copenhagen. Not least with and for laymen without familiarity with the jargon of architects. But for whom the realm of architecture and urban space is no less relevant.

You can experience my views and opinions on Copenhagen architecture by joining one of my guided tours with beCopenhagen. You are most welcome to bring colleagues, friends and family, your soccer team or whomever, you’d like.


See you at the streets of Copenhagen 🙂