Paper Island by COBE

Paper Island by COBE

Paper Island by COBE

The last remaining, undeveloped site in the central harbour area in Copenhagen is currently under construction into a mix of private and public use. 

Under construction

The peculiar name of this small island (reclaimed sometime in the past as everything else along the waterfront) refers to the storage of paper for the newspapers, before printing was moved far out of town. 

For decades, it had been out of use, and the city decided to offer the space and the 1960s storage buildings for creative entrepreneurs. It was a time-limited experiment to see what sort of place this spot could become. For a few years, the island housed art and design exhibitions, architecture offices, and one particularly successful project, the Copenhagen Street Food. 

COBE architects won the competition of the masterplan for the site, proposing building volumes that are reflecting the historic buildings in the area. The use is a mix of residential and commercial buildings, including – inspired by the success of the Copenhagen Street Food – a food market …



… and a Waterfront Culture Center to come

In 2017 world-famous, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma won 1st prize in the competition on the NW corner of this island.

Water, bricks and light 

The Water Culture Center, a bath or spa with various pools inside and outside will be the most high profile of the projects on the island. According to the renderings, it will have the shape of 5 truncated pyramids with skylights, and both interior and exterior facade in bricks, perforated with small openings. 

We expect it to open in 2025.


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