Arne Jacobsen’s House I | 1929

Arne Jacobsens House

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Arne Jacobsen’s house

This is Arne Jacobsen’s house no. one out of two that he designed and built for himself and his family during his career. A very early work by the one person who more than anyone else incarnates Danish, modern architecture AND design.

Born in 1902 he was still a young man when he finished this modern style home for his own family in 1929.

Modern style

It features the most important hallmarks of the new style:

  • white plastered facades,
  • rectangular shapes in an asymmetrical, abstract composition,
  • flat roofs,
  • a roof terrace
  • big windows, wrapping the corners,
  • simple standard parts,
  • and a couple maritime references to ocean liners:
    • portholes and
    • steel stairs and railings.

The house demonstrates his devotion to international modern ideas inspired from the Bauhaus school in Germany.

It also seems to be somewhat of an exercise in style more than a personal contribution. The layout is less modern, and contemporary photos show a surprisingly traditional furnishing of his.

Soon enough he would develop a more personal and artistic touch and become a true master.

A Danish foundation, Realdania, bought the house in the 1980s, restored it and rent it out as a private residence.



4 thoughts on “Arne Jacobsen’s House I | 1929

    1. Hi, thanks for reading 🙂
      No, it’s not, unfortunately. With few exceptions. It’s owned by Realdania, a philanthropic foundation, that funds various building projects and urban and social initiatives, AND preserves building heritage. They own a number of old modern classics, many architect’s own houses. These are protected and preserved in a close-to-original state, but kept ‘alive’ by being rented out as regular houses. However, one special but important note in the rental agreement allows access for the public once or twice a year, by invitation from Realdania, organising these open houses. You can check up on these events here: It’s in Danish, and I don’t see an English version, though.
      I hope you’ll have a chance to visit.
      Best, Asser.

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