Arken Museum of Modern Art

Arken Museum of Modern Art

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Arken Museum of Modern Art

Arken (Danish for ‘the Ark’) is arguably the only Danish example of so-called deconstructivist architecture. Surprisingly a young student of architecture, Søren Robert Lund, won the competition of this new museum southwest of Copenhagen in 1988.

Very much in line with the (many) thoughts and the formal language of the international deconstructivism, the project picks up lines and references to reach dramatic, expressive shapes and spaces, seemingly chaotic or at random.

In this case the idea of a shipwreck landed on the beach has led to many maritime references and narrow, curvy main spaces.

Even though internationally connected to the biggest starchitects such as Daniel Libeskind, Saha Hadid and Frank Gehry, deconstructivism as a movement or style did not catch on in Danish architecture. So this building remains the primary example, arguably the only one.

To a typical Danish mindset deconstructivist architecture seems artificial and forced, and it’s very opposite to the Danish tradition (read my overview on Danish architecture).

Personally, born and raised with a Danish mindset, I’m not impressed by the deconstructivist ‘noice’ and artistic manners. To mee this building along with international examples are more sculpture than architecture. And as such it’s still an aesthetic experience and it surely offer dramatic spaces and visually appealing images.

The museum opened in 1996.


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