The Copenhagen lamp refitted

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The Copenhagen lamp refitted

Would you like a refitted Copenhagen lamp / street lamp in your home or office?

This is a brief English version of the much longer Danish post on the refitting of a number of ‘Copenhagen lamps’.

The Copenhagen lamp is a street lamp, designed by the city department architects in the 1970s, that has been omnipresent in the streets of Copenhagen. They are now being replaced with a modern, power saving version, and the old ones are being auctioned off.

Read more about the old lamps and see street photos in this even older post.

I bought several and have refitted them for an indoor lamp, suitable over a dinner table or office table. They are used in many local shops and cafés as well.

After a (too) long period, I’m finally ready to sell off some of them. The price is DKK 2000,-, and you can contact me on with a few details.

I need to know about the appropriate length of the power chord and the wire, and we need to figure out time and place for a pick-up.

In the Danish version of this post, you can see (a lot of) details about the process of an older version.

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