The Copenhagen street lamp

Copenhagen lamp reloaded copenhagen architecture

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The Copenhagen street lamp reloaded

I suppose it’s more or less mandatory for someone like me, promoting Copenhagen every day, to surround yourself with things of local history or other relevance, the Copenhagen street lamp is a notable example.

It was only a question of time before I would get myself a few of the Copenhagen street lamps, a classic design of the 1970s that is replaced these years with new lamps. The old ones are taken down and sold on an online auction at, initially estimated to DKK 1500,- for one.

After waiting – anticipating the hammer prices to fall as the more eager buyers had their desire satisfied – I bid when the estimates were half the original: two for DKK 1500,- and five for DKK 4000,-.

I placed bids on single lamps and pairs and lots of five, and soon I was the happy owner of a total of 10 lamps – a few more than I had planned for. The hammer prices were DKK 400,- per lamp, which is added 20% salary and a hammer fee of DKK 95,- per auction. All in all the total average price ended on DKK 523,- per lamp.

How many I will find room for in my humble apartment, and how many in my office, time will show, the remaining I’ll try to sell. Before that, I need to convert them all since they are sold as they are, dismounted from the streets, which is not for the regular 220V power supply. Inside the lamp is a handful of electronic ‘things’ to remove and a big bulb socket that should be replaced. Not rocket science but a bit of time and trouble anyway. Then they should be mounted with steel wire to hang it up and a nice red fabric covered electrical cord as fashion dictates.

My first attempt went alright (for a simple architect that is) and is now hanging in the stucco rosette in my typical Copenhagen type apartment.

I might get back with more regarding the remaining lamps when I get there…

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